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Crinkle Sets- (click on thumbnail to see a larger picture and description)

cutoutpnt.jpg (236561 bytes)         cutoutskrt.jpg (228924 bytes)         2pccrinkle.jpg (171084 bytes)              3pcskirt.jpg (159560 bytes)

cutout pant      cutout skirt        Crinkle pant     3pc Pant Set    3pc skirt set


Seagull Sets-(click on thumbnail to see a larger picture and description)

2pcseagpnt.jpg (205931 bytes)               2pcseagull.jpg (218585 bytes)          3pcseag.jpg (229577 bytes)       3pc seagull skirt.JPG (111932 bytes)             
                 2pcl/s pant         2pc l/s skirt set           3pc pant set        3pc skirt set                                     

crisscross.jpg (306417 bytes)                 2pc ss seagull skirt.JPG (96666 bytes)
Criss Cross Dress            2pc s/s Skirt set 

If you want to see the current Seagull Fabric Swatches Click Here

                           Foil Crinkle


                  4pcfoil.jpg (69086 bytes)                      2pcfoil.jpg (63644 bytes)

              4pc Foil Crinkle set             2pc l/s Foil set


          Our Crinkle fabric is 100% polyester and is available in two different weaves.  The micro pleat is 
          a vertical crystal pleat, while our seagull pleat is a dressier weave. 

The crinkle fabric is one of the MOST comfortable fabric you will ever wear.   It is machine washable and does not wrinkle.  We suggest that you wash your crinkle outfits with a regular detergent (Do Not Use Woolite) 
on  Gentle Cycle.  If you DO want to put your crinkle outfit in the MAY get LARGER . We have 
found in the past that the heat of the dryer increases the size of the outfit without releasing the pleats.

If you need to alter these just CUT IT.  Yes, you just cut it to length and it will not fray or run. 
 If you are hesitant, you can tack the seams after you cut the fabric.  WE SUGGEST THAT YOU USE SHARP SCISSORS OR A ROTARY CUTTER.

 Please refer to our color chart when choosing you colors. The actual colors are as close as possible to the
 colors shown.  Although,  we can not guarantee that the color will always be the same.  Dye lots do change over time.

If you would like to see a swatch of the actual color....Please contact one of our expert Sales Associates.

  If there is a color that you would like and don't see it, PLEASE contact us...It is possible that we may have it
 in stock or can custom create a color to suit your needs.


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