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                     EL 1003 Dress                               EL 1002  Lace Dress
                Navy, Silver, Gold,  Plum                             Black  Only
                   Small - 3XL                                             Small - 3XL
                     $139.00                                                     $139.00   




                      EL 3654                                                CA2963         
              2pc Dress Set                                           3pc Skirt Set       
                  Small - 3XL                                             Small - 3XL

                  $99.00                                                $119.00                                                           


CA 2995 2PC Dress Set
Navy, Burgundy, Red, Royal, Purple, or White
Sizes: Small - 3XL


    C2056 3pc Lace Set                         C2891 3pc Lace Jacket Set
           $119.00                                                          $109.00


CA 2990 3pc Set with Trumpet Skirt
Skirt available 37" or 40"
White,  & Burgundy ( other colors available on request)
Sizes: Small - 3XL


S2429P 3PC Sheer Piping                                        $119.00                                                   




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Gold Foil Bomber Jacket



Small - XXL

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